Bit Torrent and Ad reporting, Etc.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to track end users and usage through Bit Torrent?

As everyone knows, Bit Torrent is a great (maybe the great) way to distribute media files efficiently. If a company was to begin offering files for download via BT for, let’s say, a podcast, can you effectively track the number of downloads… this is going to be important for podcast advertisers.

I suppose one could make a story from the number of seeds out there on a daily basis. I’d guess the advertiser would ideally like a third party involved in the tracking of these seeds.

The way it is without bit torrent is that one could report the number of subscribers to a feed as well as the number of successful downloads. I think.

I liked that article today on Sharing and Web Content in the NY Times.. the next wave of the internet, etc. I keep thinking it’s about personalization but that’s a 90s term so I guess that’s a no go. Seems like control is increasingly in the end user’s hands. But, the end user is now a broadcaster -not just a user. They’re a usercaster! Write it down. You heard it here first.


June 29th, 2005

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