Newark to Midtown: From New York City Using The Port Authority Rail Link (Air Train) vs. Bus

Round trip from Savannah, Georgia’s International Airport to Newark International is now complete. I’m still wondering what part of the Savannah Airport is international, but no matter.

Comparing the AirTrain and the Bus from Port Authority When Going To Newark Airport

The return trip through Newark Airport was particularly speedy with a trip via the new rail link into New York City.

For those unfamiliar, you may have taken the bus from Port Authority in the past. Now you can take NJ Transit from Penn Station in New York City (34th Street and 7th Avenues) to the Newark Airport stop, and then transfer for the airport’s special rail link (a.k.a. AirTrain). The advantage of the train is that you’ll never have to worry about the bus getting caught in traffic.

From an overall “ride” experience though, the bus is more comfortable and cleaner than the train. The PA bus picks you up in front of the Burger King on 42nd st. between 8th and 9th avenues. The upholstery is relatively new and it was relatively calm inside with my fellow bus riders.

The train, on the other hand, was dirty and noisy but liveable.

Regarding cost, the bus is the same as the cost of the train – $14 each way with a slight reduction if you buy a round trip ticket.

I’m sure there’s a cheaper way out to Newark from midtown Manhattan -somehow using the PATH train- but I haven’t fully discovered it. Hopefully this comparison is of use to you… I know I’ve wondered in the past.


August 6th, 2006

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