Dash This – Dash Dogs Restaurant on Rivington

There are many hot dog carts in New York City but few hot dog ‘restaurants.’ My serendipitous visit to Lower East Side hot dog and hamburger eatery, Dash Dogs, or just Dash, provided taste bud satisfaction at cheap ass prices.

Drawn by the casual decor and the sense that all the assets of the take out restaurant had been put into the food, I headed left off of Rivington near Ludlow St. into Dash.

An amiable chef/cashier/owner met my request for suggestions with the eateries two most popular dishes – hot with fritos and chili on it, and a hamburger with avocado spread.

Each dish proved to be delish. Delish dishes, as it were. And, I washed it all down with a Diet Coke. Total cost = $6. Memories = priceless.


November 12th, 2006

Entry Filed under: East Village, New York City


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