Return from Pub Con and Webmaster World – Tim Mayer Needs a Vacation

The WW/PubCon events at the Las Vegas Convention Center and New York, New York casino are now history.

I’m back in my hovel in the east village gnawing on an egg and cheese with sausage on a roll.

Overall, the WW/PC experience was educational and inspiring.

First, Webmaster World was helpful in giving me direction in the workplace. Lots of ideas stewing now. Lots of great people to bounce ideas off of at WW.

Next, I’m struck that the search engines are now trying to add as many value add tools as possible as evidenced by Google‘s Webmaster Central and its expanding “webmasterweapon” list. Yahoo seems to be bringing a few things to the table such as the site explorerer tool and the custom search engine. Alas, Yahoo is a distant second. Is it me or does Tim Mayer of Yahoo look beleaguered whenever you seem him on a panel? Yahoo -lately- never seems to have a prayer of catching Google and now he seems to reflect it in his demeanor. But maybe I’m projecting. Somebody call a psycho-therapist.

Finally, MSN / has done little but at least their product guy at the smackdown was entertaining. MSN has apparently given up the search chase. Or, they’re laying low as IE7 rumbles to the fore with its default search box and the inevitable world domination -unlikely.


November 18th, 2006

Entry Filed under: Technology


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