Flickr Fun For Everyone

A cool new stat package called Camera Finder is out there in regards to camera phones and blogging. As with almost all photos on East Village Podcasts, the primary way a picture is integrated into a blog post is through Flickr.

For those who have yet to drink from the Flickr cup, essentially any end user can directly post to their blog any of the pictures which they currently have uploaded to their Flickr account. In addition, they can add copy to their post through Flickr as well as add any HTML as long as they’re willing to code themselves.

This functionality has given rise to the continued, viral nature of Flickr in addition to being a great place to store your digital pictures.

Anyway -I digress. Flickr offered up new stats today on which camera phones are the most popular. It’s a revealing study on the popularity of certain models as well as another reason why “socially aware” websites, where people come together and share, can be a valuable resource.

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November 22nd, 2006

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