Christmas in the East Village

Christmas on 7th Street is here in the East Village of New York City.

Sure.. the temperatures have been in the 60s, even the 70s, all week but it’s finally starting to feeling like Santa‘s coming in that people are starting to shiver as they walk down the street.

Tonight, I bought my first real Christmas tree and will no doubt be following up this blog post with another that includes visible evidence.

In general, though, I feel like nobody really enjoys Christmas as much as I do among East Village residents. Certainly, this is not my problem. So, I persevere and make merry with my yuletide decorations and drink. More drink than decorations at this point but it’ll even out.

Today’s shopping included visits to my good, cheap friends at National Wholesale Liquidators on Broadway. Then, right next door, Urban Outfitters appears, and it, too, sucked some time from me as well as some dollar. “Stylin'” some might say. Others would say, “Good Luck.”


December 3rd, 2006

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