New York City Christmas Tree

From behind the bars of an East Village apartment emerges a Frasier Fir Christmas tree.

I went with white lights all over and then added all the ornaments I have. I am pretty sure I’m one of the few people with a decent ornament collection in the East Village. I mean.. it’s not huge but the ‘hood does not strike me as an area where people concern themselves with tree decorations.

Ornament below…

I think next year (already planning ahead) I will go with colored lights. The white lights are bright and interfere a bit with my all-important TV watching. Life’s rough, eh?

Most importantly, the tree looks nice and it smells better than usual around here. Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.. eat your heart out.

Remaining items for purchase to finish off the tree include a little red fabric thing to go around the bottom. I think my mother had a name for it but I’ll just call it “little red fabric thing” for now.

Later that night…

Thanks to “someone” for letting me know the proper name was “tree skirt” for the little red fabric thing at the bottom of the tree. In fact, I was working on adding a “tree skirt” since the last post. It’s pictured below -albeit, overexposed and blurry.

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December 4th, 2006

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  • 1. someone  |  December 4th, 2006 at 6:12 am

    it’s a tree skirt


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