An East Village Christmas Morning

East Village Christmas Morning

It’s bit early to say it’s Christmas morning.. but let’s call it “a Christmas morning” in that the tree seems more appropriate by the day, and there are yuletide tunes jammin’ in the apartment. Andrea Bocelli is the latest acquisition for my holiday collection.

Today’s errands include a trip to the Cooper Station Post Office for, what I hope is, an anticipated delivery from successful bidding on Ebay (Blog post to follow. Don’t you worry, dear readers.). I may also make a yuletide drink – not exactly sure what that is but with temperatures expected to edge close to 60 degrees today, maybe it should be Christmas margaritas.

The day’s festivities climax with an orgy of birthday fun as I help celebrate a friend’s anniversary of birth. Nothing like thinking back to a friend’s birth. “Hey, your mom must have been whipped.”

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December 16th, 2006

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