Warm January Day in New York City

I have been here in NYC a few years and I can’t recall a warmer January day than this one, nor can I recall a warmer January than this one and it’s only a week old.

When I approached Jerry at the newstand on 8th St. and Lafayette today, he said that according to historical figures he’s heard, there has not been a January or winter like this since the 50s. I did a little bit of web research which revealed a bunch of great tidbits -like this was the first snowless December and November since 1877.

As Jerry and I spoke, another East Village resident arrived and stated that “all those years of coal burning are finally paying off.” It crossed my mind, too.

In case you’re curious, the photo and video are from my trip today to the Battery and New York Harbor at the southern end of Manhattan.

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January 6th, 2007

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