SEO and Paying For A Post – The New Search Marketing

Lots of buzz these days about companies paying for advertisements on blogs in the form of blog posts. Today brings another competitor to the increasingly crowded field – Not hard to imagine what they’re about from the URL, eh?

I have yet to be offered any greenback for a post about anyone or thing but I can see why this sort of thing is getting some traction. Hey, humans like to make money. They need it to live after all, buy groceries, pay the rent, etc. But, the flip side to this is the importance from an online marketing perspective and from a search engine optimization perspective, in particular. You’re paying for links and these links help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher you go in the SERPs, the more chance you have of making money from your organic listings.

Although I’ve never seen a study so explicit, I’d rather be #4 in organic, than #4 in pay-per-click-marketing – or the little ads you see on the side for Google, for example.

Many companies live off of their ability to land the organic traffic through search engine optimization – SEO – techniques and this brings us back to the new trend of paying for blog posts.

Bloggers want to make money. SEO strategists want to make money, too. I don’t see any problem with this in that I believe the blogosphere and the main search engines will police themselves.

If a blog isn’t saying “I’ve been paid” then they’re going to lose credibility and readership.

And, if a search engine doesn’t like being “gamed” by this system, all they have to do is block it. Trouble is.. there’s so much “gaming” out there that takes on different forms.. even a landing page for an e-commerce site can be optimized for SEO.. isn’t that gaming the system? and shouldn’t it be blocked? … Not if that’s what a user wants, right? So if a paid post reveals what a user wants, seems like it should still be listed and accepted like any other posts or piece of content on the web.

Any other opinions out there?


January 15th, 2007

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