Time Warner Cable and My Internet Access

Time Warner CableI’ve been battling my cable modem all day today and finally it won – the modem did. I gave it all I had but I finally had to call Support at Time Warner Cable. After I made my way through the automated morass (as morass goes, it wasn’t that bad), I ran into a tech who seemed to know what he was doing and for the next 30 minutes we dove into the wires (one literally, the other figuratively) behind my East Village, New York City, TV.

In general, I’ve been having issues with my Internet and I thought it may be due to my new-ish iMac and ‘feeding’ the wireless router something it wasn’t use to. But, according to my TW tech, I have power issues. I said I knew that.. but he said he was referring to the modem. We scheduled a visit for a yet unknown technician to visit my palace in the next couple weeks. It appears I’ll be getting either a new splitter or modem – or both.


February 19th, 2007

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