Dolphin Gym on 4th Street in 10003

East Village's Dolphin GymHas anyone ever noticed the millions of people in tiny Dolphin Gym on 4th st. in the East Village of NYC? If you’re a member there, as I am, things can sometimes be difficult in a couple of respects.

During ‘rush hour,’ which seems like 6-8 in the morning and 6:30-8:30 at night on the weekdays, it is difficult to rope the desired exercise machine. It is particularly challenging ‘down’ in the weight room where the buff and flabby fight over the right to lift metal.

Problem 2 has more to do with the volume of people in a tight space and the increasing odor during the day.

But, I gotta hand it to my fellow gym goers – I’ve never seen anyone walk out wincing from the smell. Plus, the people that work there try to corral any olfactory offense in that they have to endure the odoriferous punishment, too.

In the end, I still like my Dolphin gym in New York City. The price is right, convenience is second to none and their hours are flexible. I can deal with the heavy traffic, odor and occasional broken fitness machine.

I give Dolphin Gym 3.5 ellipticals out of 5.


February 21st, 2007

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