Tofu, Broccoli, New Saigon in the East Village

New Saigon Take-out!

New York City has a zillion chinese food restaurants. It also has a few vietnamese restaurants. In spite of its name, I’m not sure what “New Saigon” is. It seems Chinese in its cuisine but with pictures of Ho Chi MInh City behind the cash register – maybe not.

Despite the discrepencies, I visit my most reliable East Village takeout, “New Saigon,” on a weekly basis, and Iorder a combination of dishes as I have done for the past 5 years. It’s either tofu -or chicken- with broccoli on brown rice and fried dumplings. (FYI. Until last year, I always ordered steam dumplings. Then, I switched to fried and now I’m stuck.)

Friends say I’m crazy. One, in particular, describes an experience with rodents and New Saigon. I say “fie.” FIE on your rats! I eat there and feel as if I’m a member of the chef’s family. I can’t ever recall getting sick.

So, how good is this food? It’s adequate and gets the job done. Most urban readers have this sort of place in the neighborhood. The difference is that no one publicizes the fact that they go to a “New Saigon” except for me.

I give New Saigon 3 out of 5 fried dumplings.


February 27th, 2007

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