East Village Graffiti on Avenue A

East Village Graffiti

Even though the East Village of New York City has changed a lot in the past 15 years, the graffiti -somehow- remains.

I’m not sure when the graffiti artists are ‘out,’ but I have yet to see anyone do any spraying or ‘tagging’ as long as I’ve been here. Maybe they wait until I go to bed?

The painting you see here is at the corner of 5th St. and Avenue A. It’s amusing. Seems like a conehead or maybe an alien from “Communion.”

Usually, graffiti has something to do with the neighborhood. But, this one ultimately reminds me of something I’d see in the Egyptian wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The gray names that are already beginning to cover the ‘egyptian, east village-ian’ artwork are more representative of the sprayed markings on my building’s front door day in and day out.


March 24th, 2007

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