Brooklyn Bridge and Wordsworth

Brooklyn Bridge in New York City at dusk

When I was in college during the musical reign of Duran Duran and the Eurythmics, it was required that I read a book containing the collected works of William Wordsworth.

If I recall correctly, the book had a cover which was a reproduction of a painting by Whistler – and it strongly resembles the picture here of the Brooklyn Bridge.

No doubt this cab ride at dusk from the East Village of NYC to Red Hook of Brooklyn was not what Whistler had in mind. Nor Wordsworth.

My visit to the ever-growing and developing Red Hook was not disappointing as a delicious meal prepared by friends awaited.

Eating Fish in Red Hook Brooklyn

I think this was some sort of bass and I swallowed it nearly whole as it’s juicy, soft consistency slid easily down my grateful throat. Oooh.. that’s hot.


March 26th, 2007

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