Frank Gehry Building in New York City

Nighttime Gehry IAC Building in New York City

This past evening I attended a company event at Chelsea Piers in New York City which is just across the street from the new IAC–owned (Barry Diller’s company) building designed by Frank Gehry.

James S. Russel gives his detailed review on Bloomberg:

Gehry, who can curl titanium into fluttering confetti, created not so much a building as a $100 million whimsy. It does not reveal layers of spatial drama like his Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles or Guggenheim Bilbao. But for Gehry’s first New York building, he and partner Craig Webb have traded architectural theatrics for suave refinement.

I’m kind of surprised that all of IAC can fit in this building but perhaps it’s deceptively large.

Although not as extreme in terms of architectural contortions when comparing to other Gehry creations such as Bilboa, this building’s unique outline is a welcome change to many of the other ‘pump and dump’ buildings recently erected in the area.

Gehry IAC Building in New York City - daytime

Overall, it reminds me of a luscious, layered wedding cake.

Who knew that the building would ‘come out’ the way it did? As Paul Goldberger of The New Yorker reported, “During construction, the Georgetown Company, Diller’s partner in the development, got calls from people who wondered if it knew that the building was going up crooked.”

In March, Gehry announced in the Guardian Unlimited that his next big project was underway:

Our big new project is the Abu Dhabi Guggenheim. We’ve done the designs and now we’re waiting for the final go ahead, any time soon. This really is like nothing we’ve done before. I say “we”, by the way, not just meaning me and Tom Krens [the director of the Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation], but everyone at my studio; there are 170 of us now, and one of the things I’ve had to think about, like Norman Foster’s been doing in London, is what direction the office takes in the future.

Not bad for a guy that’s 78 years old.


March 28th, 2007

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