The Violets

The Violet's Rock Fontana's on the Lower East Side of New York City

Thursday night brought the East Village Podcasts blog to Fontana’s (105 Eldridge below Delancey) for a show from a talented band on the rise – The Violets.

A tight set made the 45 minute show breeze by all too soon with highlights including their ode to Richard Johnson and the New York Post’s Page Six: Page Six Junkie.

Roger Carmien (Lord Crimson) pounded out the beats with lead singer and guitarist Mr. Magenta, Lady Purple (rhythm guitar) and Ms. Night Blue on keyboards. Or is it Lady Purple on keyboards and Ms. Night Blue on rhythmn guitar? Feel free to correct this blogger. My apologies.

The Violets on Stage at Fontana's

Check out The Violets Myspace page for free clips of their latest tunes.

As for Thursday’s musical performance by The Violets in NYC’s Fontana’s, I knew it would be a good show.. but not that good.

Update: The Violets have lost their monkey.


April 21st, 2007

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