Conversations with East Village Dog

Conversations with East Village Dog
Bean the Dog Chatting
about Hillary Clinton

I had the good fortune of an entertaining car trip to Brooklyn from the East Village today. Most of the trip was spent chatting with one of my favorite canine conversationalists, Bean the dog.

Bean is a bit of a “chatty Kathy” (or “Ken,” if you will) when you get him going.

A few of his favorite topics include politics (He’s a big Hillary fan), the Yankees – he told me that Clemens was coming back before anyone knew – and, of course, he’ll go on and on about the latest tasty treat that he has devoured off of an East Village sidewalk.

Bean is also a tremendous sniffer and can divine someone’s astrological sign with a single, well-placed whiff. If Bean has a few drinks, needless to say, he becomes the life of the party.

The only downside with Bean is that I’m a tad allergic. But, no matter. The conversation is well worth the sniffles.


May 6th, 2007

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