Pukk - A New York City Thai Vegetarian Restaurant

Another night, another takeout dinner.

This time it’s conveniently located at 1st Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets.

I felt like I hadn’t eaten in a while so I pigged out at Pukk, a vegetarian thai food restaurant in the East Village of New York City. I figured, “Hey, it’s vegetarian, how fat can I get?” The answer to that question is unknown. But, I do know that I like Pukk’s food.

I ordered three different items from the menu for a total of $23 and change. First came the chive puffs – a tasty treat that resembles vegetarian dumplings – in fact, that’s what they are. I liked ’em and I liked the sauce that came with ’em.

Next, the duck salad. To be sure, there’s no duck in this salad. It’s spicy with crunchy cashews and other “good for you(s)”. This salad was the highlight. It’s not so much of a salad as a tasty side dish – could easily be a main course, too.

East Village Thai Food Restaurants

Finally, I had the steak tofu as main course. I found this adequate and am not quite sure why they call this steak tofu. If you ever see their menu at Pukk, you’ll note that many dishes are intended to sound like they are a meat equivalent such as this “steak” tofu. Some dishes do have a meaty taste in spite of their meaty origin. But this tofu just tastes like plain old tofu. If I had this one “back,” I’d have ordered the Son-In-Law tofu (that’s the name, it’s true) instead.

Overall, this East Village blog gives Pukk four out of five cashews for its delicious takeout.

For another review of Pukk, visit Jim and Evelyn’s Vegan Friendly blog.


May 8th, 2007

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