Dumpling Man

Dumpling Man

Outside Dumpling Man

Everyone seems to like Dumpling Man. And now that -very definitely- includes me. In the past two weeks, I believe I’ve eaten dinner there four times. You gotta be a dumpling guy to eat that many times at Dumpling Man.

Located on 8th St. between First Avenue and Avenue A in New York City’s East Village, Dumpling Man lends itself well to the takeout dining I’ve preferred to date. Easily and quickly packaged, the dumplings stay fresh and hot during the ‘ride’ home.

But, lately, I’ve been eating at Homme de Dumpling and, similar to some of my sushi experiences, the dumplings are a bit fresher and de-lisher.

10 Dumplings

10 Dumplings

Tonight’s order included 5 vegetable and 5 chicken dumplings steamed rather than seared. The sauce was the new asian tahini (??) variety which tastes like a peanut sauce. They give you so much sauce in fact that I said to the cashier/saucewoman, “Serve my sauce in a pint glass!” She nodded and waited for me to move on.

I can’t really tell the veggie from the chicken dumpling other than the color of the dumpling ‘skin’: green for veggie; beige for chicken. But, both versions packed a consistently savory punch as I dipped them liberally in my vat of asian tahini sauce and bit savagely into each trembling dumpling (Please, no emails. They’re just dumplings, after all.).

During tonight’s visit, I sat on a bar stool directly across from where they make the innocent dumplings (see the bottom of the home page of the Dumpling Man blog for pictures). Dumpling Man’s interior is efficient for people who decide to stay and eat. It’s just comfortable enough to make the time you spend there pleasant. But, it’s not so comfortable that you waste time and never leave for one of the many nearby pubs.

Final bill was $10 and change. A bit pricey but I ordered 10. 6 dumplings would have been enough but I felt like piggin’. This East Village blog gives Dumpling Man 4 out of 5 dumplings.

Ordering Dumplings

Ordering Dumplings

See Dumpling Man on Google Maps Street View.


May 29th, 2007

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