Robert Scarano Building on the Bowery

Construction on the Robert Scarano building

Robert Scarano Foundation on the Bowery

The 15 story or 17 story building that is being built by Robert Scarano on the Bowery between 3rd and 4th Streets in New York City’s East Village is starting to take shape as I walked by the tiny plot today. A foundation is taking shape and I would anticipate that the imminent rise of another low-level skyscraper – a la Bowery Hotel – is in the not-to-distant future.

I say 15 or 17 because the locals who were standing in front of the building said to me it was a 17-story condominium but as I’ve found on Curbed from a story in 2006, it may be only 15:

The DOB yesterday approved the 15-story 210 foot tall tower at 353 Bowery (3rd-4th Streets). From what I could tell, it’s going to be a skinny tall pencil set at the very rear of the lot rather than lining up to the street.

Robert Scarano Building

Robert Scarano Crane on the Bowery

The Villager has further chronicled the buildings beginnings which has included a signficant ‘push-back’ from area residents who are troubled by the sudden upheaval and overhaul in the neighborhood. Back in December, a community meeting revealed a bit more regarding construction plans:

The 211-foot tower on Bowery will have a three-story wing on E. Fourth St., and during construction, one lane on Bowery would close, James Walsh, the project manager, said. On completion of the foundation, the construction crane would be erected completely within the property line.

The Bowery Hotel is another Scarano creation and is derogatorily known as the “Tower of Bowery” due to Mr. Scarano’s alleged abuse of privilege as it relates to architecture and construction laws in the city. It’s just a half block away from the 353 Bowery construction and another two blocks south from “The Cooper Square Hotel“.


June 9th, 2007

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