Lotus Lounge

Lotus Lounge

Lotus Lounge

Yesterday’s entertaiment included a visit to the Lotus Lounge on the corner of Stanton and Clinton on the Lower East Side of New York City. Disappointingly, there was no free wi-fi where I was sitting.

As I looked around the cafe, I was quite sure that those bastards sitting by the Stanton St. window were surfing the web and IM-ing their boneheaded boyfriends and girlfriends who were hanging out at their weekend shares in the Hamptons.

Mind you, I harbor no bitterness toward my fellow New York city cafe go-er. All I ask is that I be allowed to enjoy internet access when and where I want it. And if someone else has it and I don’t, clearly they need to give it up.

I like the Lotus. Seems like a dying breed to me among city cafes – particularly downtown cafes. Most people here are unshaven and have determined that washing is a weekday activity. My kinda people.

Lotus Lounge in the Lower East Side

Lotus Lounge at Stanton and Clinton

By day, it’s primarily coffee drinks at Lotus. At night, the tap flows freely. The iced cappucino I ordered was acceptable as was the sweet carrot cake – nothing special, but it got the job done. This is all I ask. After all, if they had great food, it would be swamped like the Clinton St. Bakery.

As I walked by, there must have been at least 20 people outside the Clinton Street Bakery waiting to be seated. No one appeared surly and, for the most part, they were pretty people. I scowled at them through my unshaven face and barrelled toward the Lotus. The pretty people recoiled in horror.

If you need to find the Lotus’ location, visit Google Street View’s map.


July 2nd, 2007

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