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Kai Kai Thai Sign

Today’s neighborhood wanderings took me to Kai Kai Thai Bistro.. a thai restaurant on Avenue A between 8th and 9th Streets in New York City’s East Village. Primarily a thai to-go spot, this tiny eatery has a few tables (meaning three tables) if you demand to eat in-house.

As this was my inaugural trip to Kai Kai, I decided to stay with the mainstream and ordered chicken pad thai to-go. Grand total was about $6 – pretty good deal I’d say. And it only took about 3 minutes to receive my order once it was placed.

Kai Kai Pad Thai

Minutes later, I began devouring it in the home office. The chicken was tasty – wouldn’t have minded a little bit more spice – and the vegetables were crunchy and fresh which provided a pleasant contretemps to the somewhat mushy noodles. (Warning: first use of “contretemps” by me in a blog post.)

About 10 minutes after beginning my East Village pad thai meal, it was gone. Entirely sucked down my gullet, I was left with licking the bowl. All in all, I’d give Kai Kai 3.5 manhole covers out of 5. For lunch or dinner, takeout or delivery, Kai Kai hits the spot.

Click here to see Kai Kai Thai Bistro on Google Maps Street View.


July 21st, 2007

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