Ramen Setagaya Saturday Night

The Ramen Setagaya Kitchen

Last Saturday night, I traveled uptown to Ramen Setagaya on First Avenue between 8th and 9th Strees. Ramen Setagaya is an import and – according to a friend of mine – is the “Japanese McDonald’s.” I can’t say I found this heartening, initially.

But, if this is the Japanese Mickey D’s, then supersize my ramen noodles please!

We started off by ordering a few beers and a few apps including pickled yellow and purple veggies. They were good. Not sure what they were. But, they were good.

Ramen Setagaya Main Course and Appetizers

Ramen Setagaya Main Course and Appetizers

The main course followed thereafter and between myself and two compatriots, each of our ramen dishes had pork strips floating in it and one friend had a hard boiled egg floating in hers – all planned. The noodles themselves were light and fluffy and lacked the normal rubbery ramen quality that I buy in the winter at Rite Aid.

Total price for three people checked in at $55. Not bad.. and we only had to wait about five minutes in line before we were seated at the ramen bar.

For directions to the Ramen Setagaya restaurant in the East Village of NYC, click here.


August 6th, 2007

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