Mild Summer Weather and Blackout 2003 in the East Village

East Village Sunset in August 12, 2007

What a perfect summer Saturday yesterday. Normally, my fellow East Village residents and I have experienced the warmest weather of the year during the first couple of weeks of August. Yesterday – high of 80, little humidity. Certainly, it’s refreshing. But, I still want to have a few Con-Edison-thumpin hot days where it’s stifling even at night.

Masochist? I dunno – that’s one reason why I live where I do – I like the seasons.

Just 4 years ago on August 14-15, 2003, the lights went out in the East Village of New York City and other areas of the northeast. “The grid” had overloaded or something like that – started at a Baskin Robbins in Cleveland that had one too many freezers running, a circuit blew.. and next thing you know, millions are without power.

East Village Late Afternoon Sun

East Village Late Afternoon Sun, August 12, 2007

I can recall being in my apartment, taking an afternoon nap (love those) and suddenly things got very quiet. I thought the power had gone out in my building again which I did not view as any huge deal – I just needed to call the landlord to let him know. Of course, the downside to no power was no air conditioning.

My trusty window a/c unit taunted me, appropriately.

For some reason that I can’t recall, I went outside and saw someone listening to their car radio.. seemed like their were more people than normal in the streets. And then the realization dropped in – I could hear the radio announcer talking about the blackout.

Tompkins Square Playground

Tompkins Square Playground, August 12, 2007

Good times ensued from then on!

Went to two barbecues with friends who had a great, East Village backyard; bought ice in midtown so the beer wouldn’t heat up; defrosted my refrigerator after years of putting it off. My only regret is that I did not sleep on the roof of my building that night. If ever I had an excuse to camp on the roof, the blazing temps in my one closet walkup apartment was it. However, I opted to ‘fry’ in the apartment and slept on the floor.

(Ripple dissolve back to 2007)

According to, we’ve got two 90 degree days coming this week. Three 90s in a row makes a heatwave. Doesn’t sound like blackout weather – that’s fine with me – at least I’ll get my required summer heat.

Tompkins Square Park South
Tompkins Square Park South, August 12, 2007


August 12th, 2007

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