Beneath The Deutsche Bank Building

Beneath The Deutsche Banc Building.

I went to O’Hara’s Restaurant and Pub in NYC on Thursday and was met by a police officer who was preventing people from using tiny Cedar St. – unless you said the magic words: “I’m going to O’Hara’s.”

Yeah, baby. Even though the horrifying Deutsche Banc building loomed above, the NYPD understood priorities and let needy bar patrons enter the street so they could get their ‘fix’ at their favorite neighborhood watering hole in the World Trade Center area.

It really does look pretty awful from Cedar St. when you look up. It’s a burned carcass, quite frankly. And, it’s hard to believe 9/11 was nearly 6 years ago. After you take a look at the Deutsche Banc building, you’d think it was last week.

Cedar and Greenwich Streets

Cedar and Greenwich Streets in New York City


August 26th, 2007

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