Sharing Your Wi-Fi in the East Village, and Downgrading Your Airport Extreme to Version 7.1

If you have wi-fi, do you keep your internet access open to all – or do you password protect it?

In the past year, I’ve drawn from my egalitarian inclinations and have left it wide open. For the past two weeks, the wireless generosity has come full circle.

I’ve been using someone else’s access in my building after an issue with my internet access through Time Warner. Who knows who… but I would formally like to thank the Apple Network neighbor who did not password protect their base station and allowed me to get to the Web. Now that my access is restored, I will continue to leave my access open.

No access sucks so spread ‘the love.’

And now for my Apple Airport Extreme ethernet hub tip of the year (I’ve never given any Airport tips before. I don’t have any plans on future ones, either.).

As soon as my Time Warner cable internet access was fixed here in 10003, I spent an hour trying to figure out what happened to my iMac G5’s internet access after I had upgraded to the new Apple firmware 7.2.1 for my Airport Extreme. The Apple discussion group came through with the answer. You need to downgrade to the previous firmware version – in my case, to version 7.1.

There still seems to be a question as to how to ‘do’ the downgrade on the discussion boards. Here are a couple of screenshots because, in my opinion, this isn’t an obvious process.

First, open the Apple Airport Utility, then make sure you’re in “Summary” view. Click the little arrow next to “Version.”

Downgrading Your Apple Airport Extreme
(Note: The screenshots were made after I downgraded.)

A dialog box will appear and then you can choose the previous firmware from the dropdown.

Firmware Downgrade for Apple Airport Extreme

You will install the old firmware at this point and once the Apple Extreme restores and restarts, your 802.11n or 802.11g internet access should be restored.

My Wi-Fi Is Open To All

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September 1st, 2007

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