Ground Zero – 9/11/2007

Ground Zero – 9/11/2007

In that the office is several floors above and lying just to the east of the World Trade Center area, the office’s wall of windows provided a fairly complete view of the bathtub and the September 11 anniversary proceedings.

It was a gray day.

In the morning, police from Great Britain (my guess, anyway) were standing at attention with their almost-conical, black, british bobby hats in front of the canopy on Church St. The canopy appeared to be one of two hubs for visits to Ground Zero. Underneath the canopy is a memorial that had been steadily built in advance of yesterday’s 9/11 anniversary. The other hub was the ramp into the pit.

Ground Zero - Southeast Corner

Ground Zero – Southeast Corner

When I looked toward the southeast corner of the WTC at the intersection of Liberty Street and Church Streets, I could see two police sharpshooters who had gear and binoculars in tow at a perch on the Century 21 department store. They were not the only police surveying the area.

Across Ground Zero, the media gathered in the World Financial Center – looked like they were ‘massed’ around the 10th floor with lights and cameras which, no doubt, provided a suitable backdrop for any broadcast.

The ramp into the pit had flags hung on its edges and around noon a steady procession of people began to walk in and out of a small, cleared area in Ground Zero.

Raining in Lower Manhattan

Raining Hard in Lower Manhattan

There was absolutely no construction yesterday. I couldn’t even see a construction worker walking around the premises. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the site so quiet – it’s usually a hive of machinery and “ant” people.

Later, a torrential rain crashed into Lower Manhattan and temporarily left me stranded near a lunch location. For a few minutes, the rain was monsoon-quality which cleared the streets of any pedestrians. Umbrellas did not work.

Thereafter, I worked and occasionally peaked into the pit. At 7-ish, the clouds parted.

Sunset on 9/11

Sunset on 9/11

You can see the reflection of the office lights in the shot but it was a spectacular sunset.. one of the best I’ve seen yet. There weren’t too many visitors left outside, but those who remained stood silently and watched.

Spectacular Sunset

Spectacular Sunset


September 12th, 2007

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