Subway Silence Over the Years: From the N to the F Train

Subway Feet

(ripple dissolve)

It’s the late 80s and I’ve been in the city for all of a week while stationed with two friends in Astoria, Queens. After holing up in their apartment, I decide to trek into the city (Manhattan, for you out-of-towners) by subway and leave from the Broadway station on the N line.

As everyone in NYC knows, in the morning on city subways, there is little or no talking. I found this amazing in my first year here. All of these people jammed into one little space… face-to-butt-to-face… and no one is saying anything. I didn’t hear anyone say “hello” when I walked on to the train. It’s not that people looked mean, though. Just in a world of their own. But, I thought, “It’s o.k. I’m glad to be here, friends.”

(ripple dissolve to present day in the East Village)

Now, I prefer that no one talks on the F train in the a.m. (F is for Forever). Quite often, this is the case – and a successful subway trip is measured by whether or not someone comes close to grazing me or breathing on me.

I miss the 80s.


September 12th, 2007

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