San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy: Stuffed Animals Beware

Animals Await Fate

Stuffed Animal Slaughter

Yesterday’s beautiful weather drew me downtown to NYC’s Mulberry Street for the San Gennaro Festival – scene of this (see photo) grisly stuffed animal target practice. The sad looking animals appeared resigned to their fate: going home with sticky-fingered kids and girlfriends.

This is not a festival I typically like to visit anymore. It’s cramped, tons of people moving at .5 miles per hour and – once you’ve done the Festival, I’m not sure you need to do ‘it’ again. It’s like the open air markets of India, but with fat people.

Pied de Hipster

Hipster Foot

Don’t get me wrong, though. This festival is the sausage and peppers (and other delicacies) capital of the world. I love the meaty feast and only held off in having an S&P due to a repast not an hour before my visit.

The hawkers (shysters) were just getting their games together – where do these guys come from? What do they do the rest of the year? They sure have a lot of tattoos. Maybe you have to have tats in order to be a part of the party?

If you don’t want to walk through the festival, you can always walk on the sidewalks behind the booths. As I did this myself, I realized that many of the hipster boutiques and restaurants must be bummin’ about the street festival.

Kitsch works for hipsters, but the Festival runs them over like an enormous truck of unhipness (ETU). The Eight Mile Creek restaurant on Mulberry between Prince and Spring looked awkward amid the melee. I’d imagine the Kanga Skewers weren’t selling so well.

Food Frenzy Italian Style

San Gennaro Crossroads

And what New York City street festival would be complete without tasty looking magnets. This is the largest collection of vegetable magnets I’ve seen yet. Who wants a broccoli magnet? – raise your hand! Higher!

I will have a plate of magnets To Go please

Magnets Out The Wazoo

The 80th Annual Feast of San Gennaro runs from September 13-23. If you have the time, send someone to grab a few sausage and peppers sandwiches for you and your closest friends.


September 16th, 2007

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