Rain Brings Cooler Temps; Makes East Village Subways More Attractive

Rainy East Village

The Wet Pavement of 10009

Fall is here, I think.

Temperatures plummeted into the 50s according to the weather gods this evening and it seems that global warming is all a bunch of hooey. In my estimation, it should have been in the 80s at least until November before I consider the downside effects of greenhouse gases. Plus, I’d like to live in a greenhouse with all the plants and flowers bursting and maybe even a few invited animals. No rats, though.

While I ate dinner tonight over at Mama’s Food Shop, a young heroine addict/model was typical of many in the neighborhood. She had a raincoat covering her wizened frame, but her flimsy slippers gave away her complacency regarding the warm weather that we’ve been enjoying in the East Village of New York City for the month of October.

Still, if you’re in the subway, global warming continues as temps are in the upper 70s and 80s with dense smog, free music, an occasional subway track rat and millions of New Yorkers.

By the way, the roasted carrots at Mama’s were delicious in addition to the familiar meatloaf and mac ‘n cheese. I had the two sides / one main course combo for $11.92. With the rain, their delivery business was keeping the restaurant’s phone off the hook and made me consider a side career as delivery man. I’ve never tried it before and find the idea of entering buildings to deliver orders to people no one sees or knows when they pick up the phone back at the restaurant… unattractive dot com.


October 24th, 2007

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