Fog Over Ground Zero – 11/14/2007

Fog Over Ground Zero


As I approached the office this morning, I was struck by the smoke or fog that was coming off the Hudson and seeping between the World Financial Center towers. It was reminiscent of 9/11 but, as it turns out, it was all fog created by fluctuating temperatures and reaction to the river and the ground’s heat – at least I think it was. I’m no science major.

I hadn’t seen the fog in the East Village when I disappeared into the subway at 1st Avenue and Houston. Lower Manhattan is literally closer to the sea and it’s surprising how it can be a different climate with the proximity of the open water.

Incidentally, none of the atmospheric somersaults was able to slow the continuous construction in the pit.

Yesterday, during a minor deluge timed perfectly for the morning rush, a construction crew effectively stopped all foot traffic around Century 21 as they rolled a truck out of the construction site.

Needless to say, as my fellow commuters and I became progressively soaked, our agitation increased. The pause ended peacefully when the truck pulled away after 5 minutes. No one was injured. Everyone was wet.


November 14th, 2007

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