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Stand in NYC

Stand Menu – Pre-burger

Last weekend, I discovered yet another downtown burger restaurant, Stand (which opened in December 2006), located on 12th Street in 10003 of New York City. I guess there’s a resurgence in the interest of ground beef. Someone suggested to me that it has to do with recent diet fads that say it’s a-ok to eat red meat – perhaps preferred. Works for me.

When I walked in with my burger mate, I initially thought that it was entirely “to go.” A prominent sign with menu items looms in the back of the loft-y dining area. Quickly, as I spied NYC trendy types waiting dutifully for their red meat, I realized it’s “table service” here but there’s a healthy take out business, too.

In that I had just had my physical, I chose to get more greens in my diet and combine it with my burger interests by selecting the Burger Salad. Not a bad selection. There were 3 tasty burgers on a skewer cooked to the required medium-rare (just enough to make the bugs squirm). The salad resembled something close to a Waldorf. I gobbled it all while nibbling on an enormous plate of fries that my burger mate and I were trying to finish. Fries were o.k. Nothing over the top but they did the job.

Burger Salad

Eating Greens and Burger in the Union Square Vicinity

Total cost: Approximately $50 with tip – which included a beer and a Makers Mark on the rocks.

Overall, I enjoyed the food at Stand. My only gripe is the noise and close proximity of the waiting dining guests to my table. Granted, if I hadn’t been so close to the door, that never would have been an issue. My advice: Stand is quickly becoming very popular so avoid sitting where people are standing to get in. Otherwise you may be have to share your fries with needy trendies.

For an in-depth review on Stand, and info on the shakes I never tried, visit foodite.


November 14th, 2007

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