Cafe Cortadito – Sugar and Petals

Cafe Cortadito – Sugar and Petals

“Wow, a place with no line for Sunday brunch,” was my first thought when I walked into Cafe Cortadito on East Third Street between Avenues B and C in New York City’s East Village. My second thought was, “Must be something wrong here.”

My tablemate and I persevered and were seated right away in spite of my jaded “head voice.” Generally speaking, I don’t hear “voices” – I just here a “voice” which has been known to encourage immediate restaurant departure (IRD) for violations ranging from somewhat long lines to any hint of indifferent table service.

We started with some delicious coffee.. rich and sweet (I emptied a thin bag of sugar into the cup), it was a good start for a guy who already had sucked down a few cups by mid-day. Another cup of caffeine wasn’t going to bother me.

Service seemed a bit slow at the cuban cafe -but earnest -and, I really didn’t mind. I was watching a big, hairy dog out front who was trying to come in the front door . Its master kept getting up and telling the beast that brunch was for humans only. At some point, the wooly mammoth took the hint.

Cafe Cortadito Steak and Egg

Fried Egg Riding A Steak

After a review of the menu, I went for the steak and eggs… tried to get a muffin, too, but they were all out. Somebody hadn’t planned ahead I’m guessing (the “voice” was talking, again). To replace my need for muffin, I went for a plate of plaintains. I did not regret it.

The plaintains were sweet – but not too. The steak was tender and thin cut. The fried egg looked weird to my eye – a bit rumpled – but the result was a heartier fried egg and an excellent compliment to the beef. My tablemate enjoyed a plaintain omelette with ham and sausage.

Overall, the meal was a success at Cafe Cortadito. The limited seating made the experience relaxing and lacked the noise of many Sunday brunch destinations in the E. V. If you’re in the area, give it a try. I’m curious about dinner at the Cafe. I look forward to a return visit in the next couple months.

My tablemate and I left the premises with $30 less, but a new Sunday “spot.” You can visit their website here.

Cafe Cortadito Eggs and Meat

Eggs, Meat, Cuban Food at Cafe Cortadito


November 27th, 2007

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