New Museum on the Bowery

New Museum Elevator

New Museum Ground Level

New Museum has opened and the crowds are already flocking to the Bowery ‘wedding cake’ building.

I was impressed with the crowds, the breezy spaces and the cool-but-cramped museum store – seemed to me that they had sourced gifts and chachkis you can’t find in the MOMA Design Store. I walked away with a $3 LES art magazine – one of the cheaper items.

General admission is $12 with special deals for seniors, students and under-18s.

I love the Google Street View picture of the space when it was under construction.

New Museum Elevator

New Museum Elevator

Emma Rebhorn on This Recording blog gives a nice LES review/point-of-view on the new New Museum.

The sallow gray floors intensify the beauty of pieces that are supposed to be beautiful, and pieces that are supposed be ugly look right at home—the quasi-industrial quality of the galleries invites the belief that the hard art hasn’t lost its edge.“Edge” is important to the New Museum’s curators; it has to be, otherwise they’d still be working uptown.

Curbed has pictures of each level of the museum in their “press only” tour.

The only problem management may have is the lobby and museum store – both are too cramped for the days (like today) when a lot of people decide they need their downtown art fix…

I suppose that’s a good problem to have.


Chair Upchuck

New Stairs

Spiraling in the Stairs


December 10th, 2007

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