O East Village Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree 2007

A Slim Jim conifer burns brightly in this blogger’s East Village of New York City apartment.

The tree, apparently still alive – I can hear it breathing, has been in my home for 10 days and still smells like pine when the wind blows through the crack in the window sill toward my desk of bloggery. (Or maybe my tree’s just blowing me kisses.)

From the picture, you can see “Santa #1” glowing in the window’s reflection amidst snow-colored window bars.

Many people ask, “Hey blogger man, your yule fever is evident. If you could add one Christmas thing-uh-muh-jig to your collection what would it be?”

The answer is simple enough.

Next year, I want the $110, 9-foot Christmas Tree that was ‘planted’ in front of Rite Aid instead of this 7-foot, Slim Jim which cost me 70 cannolis. At the moment of purchase I balked at going into triple digits. Now, I’ve thought it over and I’m ready to stick the next tree through the roof.

Which reminds me: Santa, don’t land on my roof next year. Rudolf will trip on my tree.

The First Ornament
Yule Jewelry


December 10th, 2007

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