Solex Wine Bar

A Red at SolexThinking of a quieter New Year’s Eve than visiting Times Square? Solex at 103 First Avenue (7th Street) might be the perfect spot.

With a wood-y interior that magically blocks out all noise or vibration from First Avenue, Solex serves a range of whites, reds etal. that will likely quench your winebar thirst.

My compadre and I met here on a recent weekend at around 8 p.m. and were surprised that the former Teresa’s restaurant could be so thoroughly transformed. It can. But, the stools next to the bar, and at the tables, are very high – similar to Bar Veloce’s on 2nd Avenue. So if you’re not an NBA basketball player, the first ‘vault’ into the seat may make you feel a bit like Olga Korbut (How about Kerri Strug, if you don’t know who Olga is?).

After getting on our pommel horse, we each consulted with an older french gentleman behind the bar.

Editor’s note: During the evening, the attentive staff seemed a bit edgy about the bar’s emptiness with frequent glances given toward the door. (Give it time, I say.) We didn’t mind the anti-crowd, though. It was quiet, warm and we had 5 people waiting on us.

I don’t know squat about wine so the assistance from the french guy (Was it owner Frederick Twomey (Bar Veloce) and Christophe Chatron-Michaud (ex-Daniel)?) was appreciated.

We each had a glass of red – one full-bodied, the other fruity…. not sure which was which. I could have cared less as long as it tasted delicieux and we were comfortable. Maybe this place will make me more of a wine connoisseur in that it’s a couple of blocks from my man pad? We shall see. And, don’t tell the french guy but Royale is still my favorite place to hang – burgers and beer are best.

SolexAnyway, we also ordered a tasty hors d’oeuvre of Pigs in a Blanket! Yeah baby. A flaky, cheesy crust surrounded the flavorful frank. I quickly skewered most of the little pigs before my compadre knew what happened. “It’s for your own good. These are bad for you.”

I liked the way they set the table too.. knife balanced on the blade. Impressive – I like the details.

We’ll definitely return to Solex and try even more of their menu which includes plenty of cheese and savories.

UPDATE: Returned to Solex on 1/12/08 and the crowds had arrived. The place wasn’t packed mind you – but it was full-ish. I think Solex can be taken off life support soon. As for wine and food, both were decent – with the highlight being a cheese plate among our food selections. Sadly, service was slightly uninspired. I hope Solex doesn’t become “too cool” for me to enter in the future.


December 30th, 2007

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