Lil Frankies vs. Two Boots: Pizza Pie Wars

Pizza Pie Wars

The Pizza: Two Boots vs. Lil’ Frankie’s

And may the best whole pie pizza win.

Known to most long-time, East Village residents (anyone here over 3 months), these two venerable purveyors of pizza have been flinging dough and filling the needy gullets of pizza aficionados since the Dinkins administration.

Now, finally, it’s war. No U.N. resolutions necessary.

Pictured on the left, measuring 12 inches in diameter, from Avenue A and 3rd Street in New York City, the takeout pizza known for its shoes … Two Boots.

On the right, also measuring 12 inches in diameter, from 1st Avenue between First and Second Streets in 10003, the ever-popular and trendy, Lil’ Frankie’s – the only pizza joint with two apostrophes to its name and a “neopolitan wood-burning stove.” Too cute.

Editors note: No slices allowed in this East Village pizza pie competition – it’s just whole pie. Whole. Pie. Also, each pizza was delivered “take-out style” by this writer to the East Village Podcasts blog offices for tasting and photo shoot. Consequently, each pie had equally congealed due to the cold weather delivery.

Initial Thoughts

  • Damn, it’s cold outside!
  • Hey, this Lil’ Frankies’ pizza is a lil’ expensive: $17 vs. Two Boots $12.45 version.


Lil' Frankie's Lil' Pizza

Lil’ Frankie’s Lil’ Pizza

I wasn’t sure where to start… I had ordered a sausage, onion and mushroom pizza from the respective restaurants and the results were two very different competitors.

The Two Boots pizza was brown and loaded with crumblies – sausage toppings with a bit of mushroom and white onion mixed in. It appeared to be hearty fare and not the sort of thing a New Yorker with a New Year’s resolution needed without a gym nearby to work off the man dough.

Lil’ Frankie’s pizza looked lighter – with fewer toppings and led to thoughts of “Hey, this pizza must have great margins. There’s hardly anything on it.”

I couldn’t take it anymore, I grabbed one of six slices from the Lil’ Frankie’s pie and began my feast.

Pizza Enhaled

Pizza Devoured

The thin crust was a bit of a sloppy rag with little ability to keep its shape as I raised it to my lips. I folded the slice over and stuffed it in my mouth.

Many flavors ran through the Lil’ pie slice – a crispy red onion, spicy sausage and juicy mushroom. A noticeable lack of tomato sauce was offset by freshly-sliced mozzarella which barely covered the center of the pizza. To top it off, some green stuff – probably fresh parsley, but don’t quote me.

And Then

Meat Bucket from Two Boots

Meat Bucket from Two Boots

It was time for the brown pizza of Two Boots.

Man, this thing was a log. It didn’t help that the chef cleverly sliced it into four catcher’s mitt-sized quadrants instead of the six rags like Lil’ Frankie’s. I lifted with both hands and engulfed. There was a bucket of sausage on this baby and if you’re a meat eater, you’re going to love this “Meat Bucket” pizza. The tomato paste taste (TPT) came through, too, but the onion and mushroom had been cooked away about 15 minutes earlier and the cheese was there like a good dry wall plaster – holding together the pizza parts but offering no other discernible benefit. Finally, a spicy sauce, a signature of Two Boots pizza, provided an unwelcome aftertaste with my “Meat Bucket.”

The Crusty Edge

No pizza pie is complete without a rim of crust surrounding the ‘lake’ of flavors and toppings. Lil’ Frankie’s crusty edge was like a chewy thin wallet. I enjoyed the fact that the toughness of the crust eventually gave way to my superior jaw and salivic glands. Two Boots’ crust was crunchy – like freshly sliced carrot sticks but without the embarassing appearance of food that’s good for you. The Boots were a winner in the crust department.

The Envelope Please

From a pure dollar value per ounce measure, the Two Boots pizza provided more overall food volume. If you haven’t eaten in days, Two Boots may be the best bet.

If you’re looking for the best tasting pizza – and can swallow the $17 price tag – this East Village blog votes for Lil’ Frankie’s.

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Pizza Enhaled

Lil’ Frankie’s in Winter

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January 2nd, 2008

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