January 2008: Freedom Tower and World Trade Center Update

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower in NYC, 1/21/08

The workplace’s front row perch continues to give an excellent view of the machinations in the World Trade Center area.

From my vantage point, it appears that in spite of the fact foundation layers have been created, poured and pounded for at least a year, the Freedom Tower in New York City is likely not breaking through ground-level and expose its massive exterior for at least another couple of months. The Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center has a few renderings to remind all of what is to come.

From the photo above, you can see a new bathtub which surrounds the Tower’s foundation in the northwest corner of the WTC pit – with the Goldman Sachs new world headquarters rising up just beyond it. To the right of the Tower is the growing, new entrance to the PATH station which has taken a while to complete, too.

East Bathtub

East Bathtub

Over in the East Bathtub, as it is known, the Tonka trucks are scooping and the explosives are shaking the area but construction has yet to begin in earnest due to “the rock” getting in the way. The New York Times’ Glenn Collins’ detailed article noted that the delay is costing the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey $300,000 a day for failing to meet the January 1, 2008 deadline for completing the site’s excavation and in preparation for two office towers planned by the developer Silverstein Properties.

Ready To Rumble

One of the ‘pleasures’ of being near the WTC lately is the blasting.

A horn sounds warning everyone in the area that a blast is imminent. In our office, often 5-10 people will head to the windows to watch the proceedings in the East Bathtub. As you can see from the photo, there are quite a few moving parts (men and machinery) involved in each detonation. The “brown mattresses” are thrown over any explosives just prior to detonation.

In the photo below, you can see a solitary construction worker standing on top of the mattresses just before a blast. Inevitably the “Boris Badenov” among the bathtub workers rolls out the wire which leads to a detonation device. To date, he has yet to blast Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Bathtub Blast

Bathtub Blast

With Larry Silverstein and team getting 5 years to build the towers once the blasting is complete – or else he loses equity – it would seem that 2012 might be the earliest the construction will complete in the Ground Zero area. I’m thinking Mr. Silverstein will want to finish early due to his interest in maintaining ownership on the property. Regardless, the area remains for me an impressive, once-in-a-lifetime, study of New York City architecture, construction and re-birth.

Bathtub Blast

WTC Sunrise, 1/21/2008

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January 27th, 2008

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