Pinkberry Means Pink Insulation

Pinkberry Pink Insulation

Pinkberry’s Pink Insulation

The Pinkberry at 24 St. Marks in the East Village of New York City is still almost open.

And if you want to work there, you can still apply for a job – except that the job may be completing the construction. This yogurt stand is still in the plywood stage and looks weeks away.

Last August, Pinkberry was beginning to transform the old Dojo’s into a new frozen yogurt shack.

When they finally do open, Pinkberry won’t be alone as competitors are already lining 8th street with yogurt swill.


Yogurty is a Word

Perhaps, pink insulation is the first ooze of yogurt-y goodness?

I await Pinkberry. Still.

Pinkberry Losers on St. Marks

Disappointed Pinkberries on St. Marks


February 3rd, 2008

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