4th Avenue and 10th Street: New Chinese Takeout Planned?

More Missile Silos to Come

71 or 73 Fourth Avenue, Tomato Tomahto

As Jerry, my newspaper guy, said to me a few weeks ago, The Bowery and Fourth Avenue may become the new Fifth Avenue in 10 years.

Given all of the hotels and construction, he may be right.

In the coming months, a new contender is likely to emerge at the corner of 10th St. and 4th Avenue in 10003. With the recent closing of Green East corner grocer, G & R Check Cashing and Lam’s Garden chinese food (see Google Street view for nostalgic view) and the subsequent illegal demolition – it’s hard to say who exactly the contender will be at this point.

Curbed says its going to be a hotel. Jerry says it’s going to be a condo.

We’ll see. I think an enormous chinese food takeout place would be great – Lam’s MF Garden!

Whatever is built at the corner, given the size of the plot, it is unlikely to have a footprint large enough to create a hotel/missile launch like the Cooper Square Hotel, or like The Bowery Hotel whose facade compares favorably to the stark prison architecture preferred by NYU for its dorms but with bigger windows. (“It’s for the kids for goshsakes!”)

The Last Days of Checks

G & R Check Cashing last days in late December 2007

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February 10th, 2008

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