February 2008 World Trade Center: East Bathtub Excavation Finished

The blasting has stopped at Ground Zero – at least, temporarily.

Excavation of the southern portion of the East Bathtub, in the opposite corner from the Freedom Tower and just across the street from Century 21, appears to have concluded which means no more dynamite blasts until the Port Authority decides it needs to drill for oil. I’ll miss the vibrations in our office.

(I’m kidding about the oil, Mike.)

Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center gave the following update on Friday (2/15):

  • “Major excavation of the south half of the east bathtub (sites of Towers Three and Four) from July 2007 through February 15, 2008; Silverstein Properties’s construction team mobilized in mid-February “
  • “Excavation of the Tower Two site through June 30, 2008; crews will likely begin working double shifts in February 2008”
World Trade Center Path Entrance

Northern portion of East Bathtub on right

The end of the excavation also may mean that the site has stopped bleeding funds from the Port Authority coffers as chronicled by the New York Times back in January. I’m just not sure if they need to finish the northern end of the East Bathtub, too, before the fines stop.

At a $300,000-per-day clip, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has been tossing tax dollars into Larry Silverstein‘s developer trust fund for missing a January 1 deadline.

So, let’s see what Larry‘s won so far. 48 days times $300,000 is.. $14.4 million.

Congratulations, Larry.

Now, the hard part.. build the new towers by 2012.

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February 19th, 2008

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