Weekend Shopping and Belgian Beer in 10003

Weekly Shopping

I admit that very little has been cooked in the “offices” of the East Village Podcasts blog lately. Due to requirements at the office-office and a prevalence of an “oh I might as well go get takeout instead of cook” attitude to many an evening, my refrigerator remains a cool “man cave” for beer, water and milk for the morning coffee.

There are exceptions – like that rice in the bottom drawer which should be turning into penicilin by now. I suppose many fellow East Villagers have a similar drawer for misfit food which has no future purpose other than it’s too good to throw away. With no smell emanating from the bottom drawer, I do not anticipate opening it any time soon.

Lately, and since I visited Denver, Colorado for the Great American Beer Festival in October, I’ve been filling up the fridge with belgian beer from the Ommegang Brewery of Cooperstown, New York. Belgian is a style, as I’ve learned – not the location for the beer’s brewing.

A tip for neighborhood dwellers: if you’re looking for cheap Ommegang, go to Key Food on Avenue A and 4th Street which has the Abbey Ale bottle for $5-6. If you get Ommegang at the corner deli such as Houston Village Farm, you’re going to pay $9.

Conversely, price-conscious East Villagers, if you want Odwalla fruit juice, it’s 3 for $5 at Houston Village Farm, and $2.75 each at Key Food.


February 23rd, 2008

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