Three Years Later: Thompson LES Hotel May Complete Someday

Thompson This

The Glorious Thompson LES

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – no, it’s another East Village vicinity hotel. This one looks like a HoJo’s from the outside, too.

Nearly three years since the previous buildings were razed, Jason Pomeranc’s Thompson LES Hotel (why didn’t he build the Allen Hotel on Thompson St.?) is nearing completion at 190 Allen St. between Houston and Stanton. Of course, that’s what I keep saying about the Cooper Square Hotel.

Check out the groovy Thompson LES hotel site here. Tres chic. I’m definitely not going to be wanted at this hotel.

Given its state relative to the Cooper Square which continues its reluctant build-out, Thompson LES looks to be another summer opening in spite of the hopeful “Spring 2008” opening on their website.

Jeremiah Moss has additional coverage on hotels sprouting up in the Lower East Side.

At this rate, I may need to get a reservation for my own apartment.

Thompson LES

The Almost Thompson LES

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February 24th, 2008

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