Day 3: No Fake Designer Handbags on Canal Street

New York City's Canal Street

Carnage on Canal

We’re entering the third day since the New York Police Department swooped in and grabbed all the world’s counterfeit handbags, and there appears to be no end in site for the disappointment felt by tourists and New Yorkers alike who need their very own Chanel. (Click here for nostalgic look at Canal St. Handbags.)

Matthew Warren’s blog provides a stark video portrait and a glimmer of hope – shhh, there are still a few bags available if you know where to look.

Last night, EVP took to the streets of the big raid and could find only attractive orange signs on a supple, expressive cardboard where once was sold the greatest names in fake handbaggery.

How long until fashionistas rise up and say, “Give me my fake bag! I want.”


February 29th, 2008

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