Houndstooth Invades; East Village Capitulates

Houndstooth in the East Village

Woof, woof – it’s Houndstooth!

Houndstooth is here, there, everywhere!

For the past two months my fashion senses have been overwhelmed by the Houndstooth swarm walking in the East Village and New York City.

What is it about this seizure-inducing pattern that has made it the new “black” for fashionistas during this 2008 winter wear season? I am not exactly sure. Yet, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of it – apologies to all whom I have stalked. I’m hypnotized!

The vibrating, often black and white, checks are unmistakable in the subway, office and on NYC sidewalks. So retro, don’t you think? In fact, according to Wikipedia, “The pattern made a frequent appearance on fabrics designed in the 1930s through to the 1970s.” Yes, I can remember Dad’s houndstooth, checked hat – it’s retro, all right!

Houndstooth Moving

Houndstooth Never Stops

Invariably I’ve seen “The Hound” on women’s coats (pants and shoes are possibilities, too) with an enlarged, toothy pattern that would have made Dad’s hat run in fear – unless Dad was wearing his very own houndstooth sneakers. The kinetic checks surely make the wearer warmer. I mean, look at this woman pictured below who is standing outside Dos Caminos on West Broadway during a damp, Friday evening snowstorm. She’s loving it with “The Hound.”

Houndstooth in Snow

Houndstooth Fears Nothing

I’m not a stalker. Swear!

At long last this East Village blogger can’t take it any longer. I have capitulated to the fashion madness.

I am Houndstooth, see me vibrate. Stalkers welcome.

Blogger in Houndstooth

Houndstoothed Blogger

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March 2nd, 2008

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