World Trade Center Survivors Stairway Nears Relocation

World Trade Center Staircase

March 6, 2008, World Trade Center

Whenever someone visits Ground Zero, viewing the old WTC stairway at the northern end of the site is often a focal point.

As widely reported yesterday, the largest remaining artifact from the former World Trade Center site, known as “The Survivors Stairway,” will take place this weekend. The LMCCC site confirms, “Removal of the “Survivor’s Stairway” at the Tower 2 site will take place mid-March 2008″ as construction of the new World Trade Center and Freedom Tower continues.

For several years, families of victims of the collapse, survivors and others have fought to have this staircase preserved. The “Save The Stairway” website provides additional information on the stairway and the grassroots group which finally persuaded those in power to turn the WTC artifact into a memorial.

“The “Survivors’ Stairway” is the last remaining above-ground remnant of the World Trade Center. The Vesey Street stairway was used by hundreds of people to evacuate the towers on September 11th, 2001. For many, it was the only route of escape, and is thus now termed the “Survivors’ Stairway.””

Taken from the office, it’s difficult to discern in the low-resolution picture above how much remains of the staircase in spite of the inset enlargement. (Complete photos on Save The Stairway site.) But with the naked eye, – and this occurred in the past week or so – most of the cement has been chipped away from the side facades and the steel beam support structure is visible. The weight of the cement likely required removal of most of the cement in anticipation of the weekend move.

Back in January, The New York Times provided a throrough recap on the new plans as well as renderings on how the stairway will be installed in the September 11 memorial. Effectively, the old stairway will cover a new stairway within the memorial.

Survivors Stairway at Ground Zero

Survivor’s Stairway at Ground Zero

The Staircase on Friday, March 7, 2008

The Staircase on Friday, March 7, 2008


March 7th, 2008

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