Cooper Square Hotel’s Plywood Windows

At Bowery and 5th Street in New York City’s East Village, The Cooper Square Hotel is apparently still waiting for the final windows to be put in place.

In this time-lapsed study of the Cooper Square, a.k.a. “Enormous Dildo,” a.k.a. “Dubai on the Bowery,” the Carlos Zapata-architected hotel clearly has been unable to replace the last few plywood windows.

Perhaps the Peck-Moss Group is creating the last panels in their laboratory of urban destruction.

Or maybe they are too busy planning what is going to happen next door and irritating their fellow investors such as Robert Becker? On February 28, Chris Shott of The Observer provided an in-depth profile of Gregory Peck (a protegé of Ian Schrager and André Balazs) and the professional “split” that the developing duo has endured. Also in the article are details on the new construction-to-be:

“When the imposing, 21-story neighborhood lightning rod Cooper Square Hotel finally rolls out its sprawling, three-floor bar and restaurant program this summer—complete with an angry-neighbor-friendly “soundbaffling” terrace—what will the developers do as an encore next door?

Another innovative noise-reducing restaurant? A whopping whole other shark-fin-shaped hotel? Perhaps the bigger question: Will affable hotelier Gregory Peck still be around to see it?”

After viewing the site from the Bowery today, I’m still not sure which site is the new addition. I’m guessing it’s on Cooper Square, just north of the hotel.

The Cooper Square Hotel Reflects

Cooper Square Hotel Reflects


March 8th, 2008

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