Was: Kura Sushi, Now: Ishikura Sushi

Ishikura Sushi

Ishikura Sushi Neon

Now that they have added “Ishi” to the “Kura,” will the new Ishikura Sushi be providing the same great sushi as before? East Village Podcasts has yet to sample the fleshy, fishy morsals of “Ishi” on 1st Avenue and 4th Street in 10003 (Would somebody move the truck?), but the new neon has piqued the interests of our editorial palette.

After the whole hullabaloo about tuna containing mercury, I took a hiatus from raw fish and concentrated my culinary pursuits in the ever growing neighborhood hamburger business.

Tonight included yet another visit to Royale and a sampling of their classic cheddar cheese burger done to a “medium” setting. Juicy goodness prevailed and the thoughts of raw fish never entered my meaty head until now. Is sushi in my future?

It is time. Report to follow.

Kura Sushi

The Former Kura Sushi Neon


March 20th, 2008

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