Patterns in the Nabe of 10003 and Beyond

Given that every neighborhood displays patterns of one sort or another, I have gathered together a few photos with patterns from New York City’s East Village in hopes of finding deeper meaning. Feel free to add your thoughts.


Construction in the East Village of New York City

East Village Barriers

One of the many constants of the East Village is construction signified, in this case, by the pattern of sparkling yellow and white barriers erected on 4th Street between First and Second Avenues recently.

Note the lemony reflection of the sunlight from the barrier’s crossbar. The vibrant colors remind one of a circus which is apropos considering the unending construction at the corner.

The large metal plates covering gaping holes from the ongoing oil drilling in the street resulted in the simulation of a thunder clap for area buildings 24 hours a day whenever a car or, worse, truck would drive over them. Happily, the plate thunderstorms have been fixed.


Garbage in the East Village of New York City

Garbage of the East Village

The pattern of garbage is not always easy to figure out in the East Village.

On garbage “day” or “days”, the city apartments across the street puts out its garbage. Sometimes, garbage tells the story of a life – where it appears all of one resident’s belongings have been put on the street. Inevitably, the belongings have a vintage-look and suggest that a long-time resident may have passed away and now their apartment is being cleaned out by relatives or city housing personnel in order to make way for a new resident.

So, garbage can mean: death, renewal and an open apartment in the East Village.

Christmas Lights

The Lights of Panna II in the East Village of New York City

Panna II’s Lights in the East Village

The neighborhood’s Indian and South Asian restaurants are never at a loss for patterns.

To the uninitiated, one might think that they have arrived in “Christmastown” while eating in an Indian restaurant in and around 6th Street between First and Second Avenues – except that this East Village Christmastown, where each restaurant has Christmas lights, is run by Indian and Bangladeshi gentlemen who stand guard outside their restaurants and encourage you to dine on their Tandoori barbecue rather than the traditional roast beef or spiral-sliced, honey-baked ham.

Any other patterns?

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March 26th, 2008

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